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Side Show Welcomes Superstars

Twice Head Fred Due to the anticipated arrival of the side show superstars, the hours for the Hauntville Sideshow (Currently run by longtime resident Travis Louie) have been extended past the midnight hour.

"The long anticipated arrival of "Twice Head Fred" has really caused a rush at the ticket booth" said Travis. "This should truly be an event worth seeing and by extending our hours we hope to give that many more people the opportunity to see this once in a lifetime event!" Check out this website for coupons and more info on the arrival of "Twice Head Fred" this October 31st1

Library To Host Book Signing

Hauntville Haunted LibraryThe author of the hit book "Bad Fella's" will be at a book signing event today at midnight to promote sales. The book includes stories never before told from monsters like Freddy, Jason, Norman, and Michael.

"The book includes a forward by "leather face" said the librarian. "Unfortunately rumors that leather face or any of the famous characters in the book will be at the book signing are not substantiated and most likely will not occur". The Hauntville Librarian also asked us to remind all those attending to please keep the noise down so as not to wake the dead like last year.

The Chamber of Commercial Monsters wants to remind everyone that Halloween is right around the corner and encourages you not to wait till the last minute.

"We have plenty of contests and events scheduled for Halloween" said the chairperson. "You really want to get ahead of the game and start your Halloween plannings as soon as possible1"


Ship Dock Receives New Caboose

Witch AccidentAs many of you know, there has always been a "gap" at the end of our haunted rail system located in the shipping area. This week that gap just got filled!

Our fair city received a special Fathers day gift this year with the acquisition of a haunted caboose. "This truly completes our haunted rail system in the shipping area" said the Mayor. The new caboose is available for all to see as it officially closes off a new section of town. "The only way we will ever see more haunted rail cards is if we get more city property" said the Mayor, who does not believe that will be happening anytime soon.

Controversy Over New Casino

Desperado Casino OpensThere are some news stories that simply will not go away and the controversy over casinos in our fair city certainly seems to be one of them..

The Desperado Casino opened last week despite protests from concerned parents. "There should not be a casino anywhere in suburbia" said one concerned citizen. "If you really must have a casino put it on the mountain or forest area, even the festival grounds, but not in suburbia". Casino officials claimed suburbia was the only location available that had both the room and the power requirements.

Concern Over New Crime Bill

City Crime Rate DownThe controversial crime bill that will put extra penalties on all Halloween crime by making Halloween a national holiday hit a snag when voters could not reach a majority on which day should actually be the holiday.

"Most parents are requesting the day after Halloween to be the holiday so the kids can stay up later" said Congressman Grim who hopes that everyone can come together on the issue once the confusion settles.


Our Fair City Video

Our Fair City Train Cam


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